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Public involvement is a large component of many research programs. Input from non-scientists brings together widespread or infrequent data points and contributes importantly to studies in disciplines as diverse as meteorology, sociology, and ecology.


see project on iNaturalist (


My lab is involved in a long-term research project on the Gila monsters in and around Saguaro National Park, located on the east and west edges of Tucson. These charismatic (and venomous; be careful to keep your distance) animals are an iconic component of our Sonoran Desert. However, they are infrequently encountered. By calling upon the many thousands of Tucsonans and visitors that frequent Gila monster habitat each year, we can increase the number of sightings and amount of information collected.

Help us better understand these amazing lizards!  But, remember it is illegal to harass, touch, pick up, or otherwise compromise the health and well being of wild Gila monsters.


Please (if safely possible) record:

1. Photographs

2. Date and Time seen

3. Location seen (GPS coordinates if possible, otherwise find on available map on iNaturalist site)

4. Estimated body length

5. Observed behaviors

6. Weather description

Upload sighting details and photos toiNaturalist (


For more information contact: or Kevin Bonine


Because the pattern on each Gila monster is unique, we can track individuals through time if we have photos! Help us study this long lived species and better understand where they go and what they do.

Gila Monster Repeat Photography, Don Swann, NPS



Many thanks for the support of Saguaro National Park, National Park Service, University of Arizona, Friends of Saguaro National Park, Desert Southwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Western National Parks Association, and our many contributors.



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