Students should be challenged in their UA courses, but also rewarded not just with increased content knowledge, but with improved conceptual understanding and more sophisticated analytical skills.

Courses should be demanding, requiring your best work, but they should be fun as well. Get into the field whenever possible.


Graduate students:

I do not currently have funded projects, but I am always interested in discussing your research ideas when they include local ecology, herpetology, conservation, and/or evolutionary physiology. I also participate in STEM Education research. Because of the administrative and teaching focus that comprises my faculty position at the UA, I am probably not the best choice as your primary graduate advisor. However, I am involved in the careers of many graduate students (SNRE, EEB, Education) as a committee member or in other roles.



Letter of Recommendation Requests

  • I am happy to write letters of recommendation for students if I believe I can write an honest and supportive letter and relate something specific about you and our experiences together. If I don't know who you are I probably won't be able to write a very useful letter.
  • Please consider that the more time you provide me to write a letter the more likely I will agree to write it and likely the better the letter will be.
  • I request that you provide me a clear DUE DATE for the letter, detailed addressee information, a copy of your resume or CV, a copy of your personal statement or essay, and a copy of your unofficial transcript. I also woud like to meet with you to discuss your objectives with regard to the letter(s). I do not need envelopes or stamps.
  • If you have a recommendation form that needs to be filled out, then I ask that you please fill it out as extensively as possible (your part). For example, I do not want to make a mistake when needing to write in your name and address or the name of the program you are applying to.